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Here ya go kids...

wow. well i just have to say that as of today, i am damn grateful for the honors college. so the story goes...

i had a crazy semester last fall. had issues i was dealing with and the such. well, as it turns out, i didn't take enough credits to keep my scholarship. so i lost it. now my gpa is pretty darn good...and who knew you needed a certain number of credits to keep a scholarship? well my parents started freaking out on me and i didn't know what else to do, so i called the honors office...

peggy anne hooked me up to dean russell. he took down my cell number and said he'd get back to me after i explained my predicament. 20 minutes later he calls me and says, "you have your money back."

i am saved and my parents no longer feel the need to murder me. so kids...appreciate life, because i don't think it gets much better than this. and dean russell is the man!
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