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hey there

i feel like this is repetitive, but whatever...

my name is Jessica...
i'm gonna be a senior at Hofstra this fall and i'll be living in Orange House, Netherlands South
i'm an English major and a Jewish Studies minor
i hated Hofstra my first two years there...then it grew on me (so there is hope should you freshman decide you hate it)
this semester i am taking 4 english classes and a math class
i'm from Rockville, Maryland
i am 21 years old
i love musical theater
my favorite professors at Hofstra are Eduardo Duarte, Jacques Berlinerblau, Charles Anderson and W. Thomas MacCary
despite the fact that i am an English major, i hate capitalization and will usually avoid it when typing online (as not to confuse anyone about my horrendous computer etiquette)

that's about all i can think of for now...

my sn is JMforRENT...and that's rent like the musical, not rent like i sell myself for money...
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