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Here ya go kids...

wow. well i just have to say that as of today, i am damn grateful for the honors college. so the story goes...

i had a crazy semester last fall. had issues i was dealing with and the such. well, as it turns out, i didn't take enough credits to keep my scholarship. so i lost it. now my gpa is pretty darn good...and who knew you needed a certain number of credits to keep a scholarship? well my parents started freaking out on me and i didn't know what else to do, so i called the honors office...

peggy anne hooked me up to dean russell. he took down my cell number and said he'd get back to me after i explained my predicament. 20 minutes later he calls me and says, "you have your money back."

i am saved and my parents no longer feel the need to murder me. so kids...appreciate life, because i don't think it gets much better than this. and dean russell is the man!
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thats pretty awesome, i think.
robyn, you're the livejournal goddess for making this community, by the way.
its so comforting knowing, well, kind of knowing, people in huhc before we get there, you know?
You seem upset by the fact that dean russell joined the journal... you didn't expect that he would?And were has everyone been, it has been pretty dead here the past few days