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it's all good

hey robbie...

i just wanna say that this community is very cool. people will always think huhc is elitist. what can you do?

i am glad that we now have our own little lj space to discuss honors things. so keep up the good work. i feel like huhc has jaded me in certain ways, so it's refreshing to see people coming in with such uplifting attitudes.

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le sigh.


but i think you did an excellent thing. people are just silly and insecure a lot of times. don't stress about it. you're a cool chica- i kinda remember you from orientation :) dont let people you don't know make you feel bad about something like this.

but most of all, like she said- keep up the good attitude. thats a great thing to have!

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lol. its funny because i saw your SN from some other post and i chuckled to myself because i enjoyed it :)

also- i'm the same way as far as HUHC goes. i only grew to adore it after being here for a while! i didn't really know about it before i got signed into C&E. ha.