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Hello ;-)

sophomore this fall
Republic 202
music education major
from Floral Park, NY (an average of 25 mins from Hofstra) but will be dorming since family moved to Royal Palm Beach, Florida

19 years old
I also love musical theatre
favorite professor from honors this past year: definitely Professor Brand. Doubleday was awesome as well.

I am excited for school and just the arrival of Autumn. I get way too excited for it, especially Halloween- dress up+ make up+candy corn= omg I love it

btw, I walked around campus in my Sailor Mercury costume last Halloween..and may do that again if my budget and/or lack of creativity and/or love of that particular costume prevent(s) me from getting something cooler together

Feel free to im me:



Oh, and let me know if you are in my immediate vicinity in Republic...

even though anyone who lives anywhere in Liberty or Republic is extremely close anyway
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